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How to Prepare For a Job Interview?

You have been informed by your Manning Agency that a shipowner has selected you for an interview.  What will you do?  How do you adequately prepare yourself for the interview?


Preparing for an interview might seem intimidating but there are a few simple steps you can take to prepare yourself so that you can ace the job interview.

  • Analyze the Job Description

Time some time to analyze the job posting if you can get your hands on it.  Study what are the qualifications, skill sets, work experience that the shipowner is looking for.  Make a list of the skills and knowledge that you possess which you think will attract the shipowner to select you for the position.

  • Read Up About the Shipowner

It’ll be helpful to conduct some research about the shipowner.  Besides knowing about the job, it is good to understand about the shipowner’s company culture and values.  Many shipowners have their own website and even social media accounts like Facebook and Linkedin so do take some time to read up about the shipowner.

  • Think Of Questions

Note down a list of possible questions that the interviewer might ask you.  While you can’t predict all the questions, there are a few common questions that interviewers like to ask like “why do you want to leave your current company?” or “how do you think you can contribute to our company?” After you have listed down the questions, think of how you can answer each of them adequately. 

  • Type of interview

Find out if you will be having a face to face interview, tele-interview or video-interview and dress accordingly.  Make sure you are professionally dressed with hair neatly combed and also ensure that you are clean shaven.

  • Interview Etiquette

Proper interview etiquette is very important.  Remember to greet the interviewer properly and make sure you articulate your points clearly and pay attention to what the interviewer has to ask.