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How You Can Add Value to Your Company

There are so many seafarers in the maritime industry.  How can you stand out from the rest and to let the employer notice you?  The best way is to showcase your talents to your employer that you are so valuable and capable that they would want you back on their fleet again.

So how can you add value to your company?

  • Problem Solver

Employees who are proactive in seeking solutions to problems add value to their employers.  As compared to employees who just sit and wait for solutions, employers will value the proactive employees more and will also take note of them because of their positive and eager attitude.

  • Good Communicator

Improving communication skills allows employees to interact more effectively with their colleagues.  Communication with people is not only an opportunity to relay information but also to build relationship with them.    With positive working relationship comes improved working efficiency amongst employees.

  • Improve Productivity

Employers value productivity.  If an employee can find ways to improve their productivity, it will definitely be a value-adding trait for the company. 

  • Continual Upgrading

Keep your technical skills up to date.   Sign yourself up for upgrading courses so that you stay relevant in the maritime industry.  Keep yourself updated of the latest happenings and technology in the maritime market.  It will be useful to keep abreast of the relevant regulation and industry changes.

  • Attentive Listener

It is important to listen attentively, be it instructions given to you or simply information transmitted to you from your colleagues.  If a superior teaches you about things, it is all the more important to listen and learn.