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Protecting Your Eyes at Work

Hazards to the eyes can exist in nearly every industries, however carrying out works at sea is ranked one of the most hazardous for eye injuries.  Works at sea can consist of welding and repairs among others and these various works possess different degree of danger and risk for eye health.

Seafarers have to take the necessary precautions to protect their eyes.

Protection against Debris

Seafarers should protect their eyes by wearing safety goggles or sealed eyewear.  The protective eyewear can protect the eyes from flying dust and debris as well as any accidental chemical splash.  Some seafarers might find the protective eyewear bulky and troublesome to wear and they might remove them, this is a big no-no.  

Protection from Sun

For seafarers who are constantly exposed to the sun, exposure to the sun’s invisible ultraviolet rays is a leading cause of cataracts and blindness.  This team of seafarers should be equipped with eyewear that blocks out ultraviolet rays.  Overexposure to direct and reflected light can lead to headache, eye fatigue and irritation.

Protection from Fogging

Protective eyewear tends to fog up due to environmental humidity or the difference in temperature between outside and inside the lens.  One way to combat this is to look for safety eyewear with a high-performance anti-fog lens coating.   Do look out for trusted suppliers who can deliver high-quality anti-fog coatings which won’t wash off or wear off.