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Seafarer’s Guide to Packing Smart for a Voyage

Packing for a leisure cruise voyage is very different from packing for a working voyage.  What do seafarers pack when they join ship?  Are you packing smart?  Read on to find out how to pack smart.

  • Passport and documentation

The very important passport is a must of course.  Make sure you bring along other necessary documents like valid medical fitness cert and vaccinations booklets, seaman book, vessel flag certificates.  It is also good to have copies of these documents with you.

  • Essential clothings

Do check with your company if you will be issued personal protective equipment on board the ship or do you have to collect the PPE from the office when having your pre-joining briefing.  If you are expecting several months of winter during your voyage, make sure you bring sufficient thermal clothes to keep yourself warm.  The key rule is not to over-pack on your clothing.

  • Prescription Medicine

If you have a medical condition and need to be on regular prescription medication, make sure you bring it along and also to bring sufficient dosage for your voyage.  Do check with your company regarding the drugs policy as well.

  • Toiletries

The usual shampoo or facial wash you use might not be available in some countries so heading to your local store to stock up on your favorite toiletries is highly recommended.

  • Electronics – Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops & Powerbanks

Most ships these days are equipped with wi-fi so it will be helpful to bring your laptop, mobile phone or tablets along.  It is an easy way to keep in touch with your family and friends. 

Rule of the thumb is to pack light, pack smart.  You should avoid bringing generally prohibited items like flick knives, extendable batons and bullets, stun guns, tear gas and knuckle dusters, amongst others.  You wouldn’t want to run into trouble at the immigration. 

What are some of your must-bring items when you join ship?  Share with us by commenting below.