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How to Boost Your Immune System to Ward Off the Covid-19 Virus

With the Covid-19 virus being so rampant these days, it is not only important to practice good hygiene, it is also important that we boost our immune system naturally so that we are at lower risk of contracting the virus due to compromised immune systems.

Here are some natural and healthy ways to strengthen your immune system:

  • Sufficient Sleep

Ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep can help keep your immune system healthy.  Sleep helps your T cells stick to and attack infections.  T cells become less “sticky” when you are deprived of sleep and your body will not be as strong to fight off virus.  T cell is a type of white blood cell that is vital to the immune system.  A general guideline of good night sleep is 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. 

  • No Stress

Anxiety can weaken the immune system.   Being stressed can cause your body to release extra cortisol which can affect our immune system negatively.   If you are feeling stressed, you can try some simple relaxation techniques like deep breathing or talking to your friends or loved ones about your anxiety.

  • Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet can help strengthen your immune system.  Keep away from candy and soda, all the sugary stuff.  Instead, include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  The three most important vitamins for your immune system are Vitamin C, B6 and E.

  • Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can be beneficial for your immune system.  We are not talking about going the ironman challenge or anything drastic.  Regular exercise can improve your cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and protects against a wide variety of diseases.  Regular exercise can also promote good circulation which allows our cells and elements of the immune system to move effectively through the body.