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Covid19 Stay Home Activities

With the Covid19 situation now, many people are staying home in the hope of stopping the spread of this virus.  Some people might dread the idea of staying home as they might feel that their life is going to get boring as they can’t go out to socialize with their friends or even have a meal at a nice restaurant. 

You can still have a fun and enriching time while staying home, we list down 20 activities you can do to keep yourself entertained.

  1. Try meditating, it can clear your mind and it’s beneficial for your mental health.

2. Play online game with your friends and family over video chat.

3. Take a look at your finances and see how you can improve it.

4. Have an indoor scavenger hunt with your family.

5. Reflect on what you have achieved in the last year and set out what you hope to achieve this year.

6. TikTok is so popular now why not make a quarantine-themed TikTok, it might just go viral.

7. Do some decluttering and cleaning of your house.

8. Read a new book.

9. Pick up a new hobby.

10. Learn a new skill – it can be crocheting or painting.

11. Establish an exercise regime.

12. Cultivate your green thumb, plant some nice plants and flowers in your yard or planter box.

13. Do some therapeutic coloring.  You can find some colouring books suitable for adults.

14. Bake a cake or some cookies with your family.  It is a nice bonding activity.

15. Teach yourself a new card game.

16. Do some online shopping.

17. Learn a new language online.

18. Catch up on your sleep.

19. Reorganize the way you place your furniture.

20. Look for a new job!  You can refer to the number 1 maritime portal for the latest maritime jobs –

Do share with us by commenting below what you have been doing at home if you are on quarantine. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone!