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Cleaning Tips to Keep the Covid-19 Virus Away from Your Home

We have previously touched on topic like maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene to keep the Covid-19 virus away.  Besides not touching your face unnecessarily and washing your hands frequently with soap, some of you might ask what about the hygiene at home?

We share with you some cleaning tips to keep the Covid-19 virus away from your home.

  • High-touch surfaces

High-touch surfaces can include door handles, taps, light switches, mobile phones, remote controls.  With the whole family touching these surfaces, it is important that you clean and disinfect these surfaces regularly.

  • Cleaning

Clean the surface with soap and water first if the surface is dirty.

  • Disinfecting

Use a disinfectant product which contains at least 70 percent alcohol.  Some people prefer to use natural products like vinegar but it is not recommended.  Many disinfectant products do not require you to wipe it off the surface, in fact it is best to leave the disinfectant to dry naturally for the product to be effective.  Make sure you read the directions on the product carefully.

  • Doing Laundry

When washing your bedsheets, towels and clothes, make sure you wash them with warm water and dry them thoroughly as this can help to kill virus.  Some laundry detergent also has disinfectant properties in them.

A thorough clean every week is recommended.  Unless there is someone sick in your household then a daily clean is best.  Let’s all stay safe and healthy together!