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The versatile discipline of marine engineering

marine engineering

The versatile discipline of marine engineering

A marine engineer’s job amalgamates features from various engineering fields such as civil, electrical and electronics

Marine engineering roles can fall anywhere from designing, development, innovation, production, and maintenance. As the name suggests, your focus at sea involves complicated internal systems which include air conditioning, fuel systems, power generation, propulsion, water distillation and lubrication.

Marine engineering career clusters
A qualified engineer can be based onboard merchant vessels, navy ships, working with equipment manufacturers, and even oil industries. However you will not be confined at sea, there are still onshore opportunities you can explore, such as hotels that incorporate sea vessels in their services, government organisations, shipping companies, training and development, marine engineering firms and boatbuilders.

An engineer will be using a combination of academic disciplines from Science, Physics, Chemistry, Math and even Information Technology. Marine engineers are mostly leadership positions; one would need soft skills such as problem solving, communication, time management and of course effective leadership.

Ambitious candidates can try their hand on naval architecture, oceanographic engineering, nautical science, cable laying, underwater vehicle research and renewable energy production.

An essential role and beyond
A marine engineer’s primary role is to facilitate and ensure both import and export activities function smoothly by keeping all vessels and machinery in working order. He/she also plays a pivotal role in ensuring crew safety.

Studying of marine engineering also teaches how to deal with major maintenance and breakdown of machinery systems at sea. Though marine engineers are quite capable of the same, there are times when there might be a need for experts. In such cases, marine engineers are required to work with the experts to repair and resolve the issue.

Your knowledge and experience may see you working as engineer for ship, port, submarine, naval combat or even a marine equipment specialist. Additional licensing may be required to fill certain roles such Second Assistant or Chief Engineer. Candidates can look into Crewing Online for available engineering positions.


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