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Minimising operational downtime with focused training

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Keeping crew occupied with scrubber training during the pandemic interlude to reduce equipment downtime

Being nonoperational over extended periods can dilute the crew’s skill sets onboard and ashore. The pandemic placed more importance on upskilling to remain updated during downtime. Apart from enriching crew’s knowledge, the purpose of training is also to minimise risks of future downtime.

SOx scrubber training to reduce operational downtime
Norwegian company Yara Marine Technologies witnessed an increased demand for upskilling during the pandemic. A company provider of SOx scrubber systems noted that the ship crew needed to be trained in handling scrubbers. Aleksander Askeland, chief sales officer of Yara Marine Technologies said: “Scrubbers are still considered as new equipment and our experience is that key crew members can enhance their (scrubber) understanding with more experience and training.”

Combine limited knowledge in maintenance and troubleshooting with general operation results in equipment downtime. A trained crew can prevent the lapse by making informed decisions. That is why shipowners and operators who invested in scrubbers need to invest in training those who keep the scrubbers running.

In view of the importance of scrubber’s management know-hows, Yara Marine Technologies is conducting online training programmes that focus on expanding equipment operation knowledge and safe maintenance standards for crew, electrical- and engine officers, technical staff and superintendents.

Askeland added, “Yara’s scrubbers are though easy to operate, you need to know what you are doing. There has never been a better time to do training and maintain SOx scrubber system skills than now. Operational disruptions are expensive, and proper training minimises the risks of downtime. We also saw cases of very bad results from executing incorrect maintenance. Correct operation and maintenance on the other hand makes you compliant and extends the scrubber’s life cycle by saving time, spare parts and reducing overall operational costs.”

To date, Yara Marine Technologies has more than 400 scrubbers installed in ships worldwide, and delivering scrubbers with training in the major marine segments.


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