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GTMaritime extends ownership to employees


Company shares offered to employees as appreciation for their contributions

Data communications software provider, GTMaritime announced its Employee Owned Trust (EOT) scheme to incentivise the team for their contribution to the company’s stellar performance. The structure enables both existing and future employees to become direct beneficiaries of the company’s continuing success.

Employees are the greatest asset
Owner of GTMaritime, Robert Kenworthy and Chris Morgan sold their majority stakes in the company to an EOT that will hold the shares for the benefit of GTMaritime employees. Both remain on the Board of Directors as CEO and chairman; continuing their active involvements in the company.

Robert Kenworthy, said: “I am delighted to announce we have successfully completed the transition to an Employee Owned Trust. Chris and I remain fully committed to GTMaritime and we look forward to work with the team and help steer the company for many years to come. From the start we have tried to instil a company culture that ensures people are happy in their work environment. I strongly believe that if we look after our team, they will look after our customers.

“The EOT aligns with the inclusive and innovative culture – the foundation on which we have built the business. It is the team who have worked so hard to achieve the GTMaritime success story by providing reliable, round-the-clock support for customers. Going forward, they (the team) will benefit as the business grows from strength to strength.”

Managing director at GTMaritime, Chris Judge, said: “This is an exciting time for everyone at GTMaritime. Our people are our greatest asset; we would not be where we are today without them. As a company we have always worked as one, we strongly believe this value will ensure our team remain at the heart of our business.

“In today’s business environment, we wanted to provide stability and ensure the company’s continued success; we wanted to have an operating model that truly reflects the respect we have for our colleagues and their contribution to GTMaritime’s collaborative culture of innovation. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone and we look forward to continue working together for more success.”




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