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Scotland exempts returning seafarers from quarantine


In force since 20 March 2021, the exemption includes COVID-19 tests

The government announced, “If you are a seafarer (seamen and masters, pilots and inspectors or surveyors of ships) travelling to Scotland to work in the Common Travel Area (United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands) as part of your work, you do not need to enter managed isolation. This is the case no matter where you have travelled from.”

Terms and conditions for exemption
This provision is extended to certified seamen, masters, maritime pilots, inspectors and surveyors as per the Merchant Shipping Act 1995. However, further documentation must be furnished at the port of entry for repatriation and or travelling in the course of work. This is only applicable for seafarers who travelled onboard vessels not carrying passengers.

No COVID-19 tests are required prior to arrival in Scotland and eight days after for seafarers, inspectors, surveyors or fisherman due to work on a vessel or need to transit the UK to join or leave a vessel. They are advised to present a valid Seafarer’s Identification Document (SID) if available. Alternatively, joining papers, seafarer’s employment agreement or a seafarer’s discharge book (Continuous Certificate of Discharge), basic training certificates or declaration from registered shipowners certifying crew member status are acceptable. Lastly, seafarers who are being repatriated, as defined in the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 or the Work in Fishing Convention 2007, do not need to isolate.


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