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Singapore’s hotel for seafarers to be redeveloped


Hotel redevelopment tender for 15-storey Maritime House launched. Image Credits: The Straits Times/ST Photo: Jason Quah

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) launched a redevelopment tender to reconstruct the Maritime House – commonly known as a hotel exclusively for seafarers transiting through Singapore.

One-stop venue for maritime training and exchange
The Maritime House was home to the former Maritime Board from 1984 to 1996; before merging with other government departments to form today’s MPA. Reasons cited to warrant a redevelopment were the building’s general wear and tear, accompanied by rising maintenance costs across the years. This estimated $30 million project is expected to conclude by late 2024. The new building will continue to provide accommodation for seafarers, simultaneously serving as a one-stop venue for international training, research and forums.

Tender documents revealed the building’s gross plot ratio is set to increase to 3.5 from 2.75. Typically, values over 2.8 reflect a high-density development of over 36 levels. In totality, the new building will be expanded to 9,625m² from 7,428m². That translates to 2,160m² of amenities, 1,030 m² of office space and 190 hotel rooms, from the current 46. MPA’s spokesperson said, “Our preliminary plan is to increase Maritime House’s floor space by about 30 per cent to better address seafarers’ accommodation needs and set aside designated area for complementary use such as training.”

The tender will include designing both accommodation and reception functions as isolation facilities when the need arises. Regulars at the building would be familiar with the well-known Hainanese Western restaurant, clinic, lounge, gym, student enrichment centre and the Singapore Maritime Foundation. The MPA spokesman added all tenants and the lodging operator were notified of its plans, and will continue to engage them on the redevelopment process.



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