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Two crew members released from Ever Given


The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) released two crew members from Ever Given

Despite the ongoing complex investigations to establish the causes of Ever Given’s stranding which could possibly stretch across weeks, SCA has not placed the crew’s welfare in the backburner.

Crew’s welfare remains important

The Ever Given was freed on 29 March 2021. However, it is withheld at one of the canal’s holding lakes, where investigations are in progress. Initially, all 25 Indian crew are to remain onboard during investigations. A twist came when chairman and managing director of Suez Canal Authority, Lt. Gen Osama Rabie demonstrated his humanitarian side by releasing two crew members on the latter’s urgent personal circumstances and are officially released.

While admitting efforts to reach a convenient agreement with both the shipowner and insurance company are in process, Rabie accented the same to fulfil the needs of the impounded crew remains uncompromised. He consented to the release from the request submitted by the owing company, on condition the shipping agency assures SCA on the former’s readiness to fully cooperate and arrange to afford the essential needs of the crew, as well as understanding the related humanitarian aspects.

While the remaining crew onboard Ever Given will be paid for their extended stays, there are no indications on possible timelines of any conclusions pertaining to both negotiations and investigations. The crew onboard Ever Given is said to be in good health.

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