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International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) president rallies for workers’ rights


Paddy Crumlin calls for protests after witnessing numerous casualties championing for safety

ITF’s president, Paddy Crumlin urged collective efforts to defend fundamental human rights. “The ITF and its 20 million transport workers call on governments, employers and civil societies to respect our rights, end the persecution of trade unionists and protect our freedoms,” he asserted.

Undeserved casualties
Quoting a few occurrences which involved unjust penalties, Crumlin said, “The “SRUT 13” were sentenced to three years jail last October, after legal action brought by the railway company – for campaigning for improved safety! They were scapegoated for an accident caused by poor maintenance in 2009 that involved the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand. The Thai authorities used false charges to deflect attention from their incompetence.

“Leonardo Escala no longer has any human rights. In February, he was killed outside his home in Tondo, Manila. Escala, president of the dockers’ union at an ICTSI port in Manila, continued to exercise his rights to freedom of association, despite receiving death threats. The authorities are not doing enough to protect people’s human right to life.” He added Myanmar’s military coup had workers being detained and protesters killed. Additionally, workers’ rights are overlooked in preference to political interests.

Calling for global efforts
Condemning the acts, Crumlin rallied for the right to reject oppression. Championing for a global response, he stressed, “Solidarity is our most powerful weapon in the fight to uphold human rights – and defend the persecution of our sisters, brothers and friends around the globe. Workers who escape oppression must stand steadfast with those who cannot. It is the responsibility of every trade unionist to act – Solidarity is our most powerful weapon in the fight for justice, equality, freedom and dignity.”

He added shareholders must cease oppressive regimes and corporations be held accountable for human rights violations. The lawmakers have to strengthen their stance on human rights, with full awareness workers should not be subject to oppression.


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