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COSCO’s Zhoushan shipyard hit by job slash


Chinese ports’ restrictions turned away over 200 ship repair jobs

Apart from port congestion, China has had to contend with a recent drop in ship repair jobs. New infections onboard vessels led to a new series of protocols for shipowners and operators just to get a permit to bring their vessel needing repairs into Chinese ports. For convenience’s sake, it is likely vessel operators are sourcing for other alternative destinations.

Outbreaks, congestions and now job loss
Yantian port is one of the busiest to suffer an outbreak. It imposed new policies for vessels to exit and is now battling congestion, which is rippling to other locations. Needless to say, several vessels have diverted to alternative locations. With Zhoushan next, international vessels on their way to China are now compelled to divert and approach other ports for marine services.

In its efforts to contain the renewed outbreak, Zhoushan is executing more stringent examinations on crew change and ship voyage tracking. The result is zero international vessels called on Zhoushan for repair works. Adding fuel to the fire are the countries (which suffered severe outbreaks) that are suspended from obtaining approval for port entry – where a sizeable portion of international vessels last departed from.

An official from Zhoushan shipyard told the local media that the company will review some of its policies to hopefully alleviate the crisis. The shipyard clocked some 1,900 international vessels in 2020, and this will likely nosedive till conditions allow the shipyard to resume its previous momentum.

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