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How to protect yourself from COVID-19


A newly launched course to teach seafarers how to protect themselves from catching the virus

A well-being-themed programme launched by OneLearn Global, the “Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice for Shipboard Personnel” course is both interactive and visually striking. It covers topics ranging from cleaning and disinfecting the ship, to dealing with port calls in affected areas. It also aims to familiarise seafarers on staying healthy, and steps to take in the event of falling ill.

Preventing and managing suspected cases onboard
Seafarers will also learn how to manage suspected COVID-19 infections onboard, and receive updated information on health management and hygiene. The course is available both online and offline for the crew’s convenience.

Course modules

  • Understanding one’s responsibility and role onboard
  • Finding ways to self-manage during this period
  • Learn how to recognise the symptoms of all affected personnel
  • Understand cleaning, disinfection and waste management
  • Manage ports call in affected areas
  • Learn about COVID-19 variants and vaccination

This is a good initiative for seafarers given the severity of the pandemic. They can take up any modules subject to their schedules with zero work disruptions. Nigel Cleave, Senior Advisor at OneLearn Global, said Day of the Seafarer recognises the seafarers’ fabulous contribution to international trade and the world economy despite the risks they face, plus the timing is apt to launch the course.

“Global trade would be severely hindered without seafarers who are responsible for moving 90 per cent of the world’s goods. Our course helps them understand the effects of the virus, provides recommended measures to protect themselves and their colleagues from COVID-19, and what to do if anyone catches it. Their safety is paramount, which is why we have launched this programme on Day of the Seafarer – an occasion to remember the fantastic and vital work they do,” he remarked.

However, the industry must understand online learning holds the learner responsible for absorbing the presented information. The workload can get overwhelming and it can become impossible to adhere strictly to what is being taught. Additionally, to ensure seafarers practice what they have learned, the fellow crew must enforce some form of enforcement – akin to a buddy system. These are instrumental in making an effort worthwhile.


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