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Help within reach to seafarers 24/7

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Access to a full suite of resources onboard without internet connection now possible

The International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) and The Shipowners’ Club jointly released a new app, ISWAN for Seafarers. It is to provide help to seafarers onboard – offering anything from latest information to a live chat with someone, even initiate a call back!

ISWAN for Seafarers
Seafarers face a multitude of challenges onboard, their distress intensify with zero internet connection. Appreciating the work seafarers do to sustain the supply chain, both ISWAN and The Shipowners’ Club banded together to offer comfort to the unsung heroes. Named “ISWAN for Seafarers”, the app does not need an internet connection. Users can access a wide variety of resources – information and guidance on how to manage certain issues such as food safety, keeping healthy onboard, even dental care. Seafarers can also use the app to reach out to someone to speak to via email, a multi-lingual speaking live chat, or initiate a return call with full confidentiality. The languages conversed include Tagalog, Hindi and Russian.

The app also features a blog containing recent articles from ISWAN’s website on seafarers’ welfare. Crew can access the latest maritime happenings by refreshing the blog when they have an internet connection. ISWAN’s Chief Executive Officer, Simon Grainge said: “We wanted to make it as easy as possible for seafarers to get access to our helpline and resources whenever needed, day or night, at sea or ashore. We are delighted to create this app with The Shipowners’ Club, who materialised this valuable resource for seafarers.”

Louise Hall, Director for Loss Prevention & Corporate Responsibility at the Shipowners’ Club commented: “We are proud to have worked with ISWAN on this new initiative to provide seafarers a free tool that offers easy access to advice, guidance or assistance when needed. Through this interactive and instantaneous service, we hope to assist seafarers in obtaining the support they and their families may need, in today’s challenging environment.” Seafarers can also learn more about ISWAN’s Regional Programme which provides humanitarian support to seafarers and their families in South and Southeast Asia, West and Central Africa. They can connect with the regional teams via social media.


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