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Training for seafarers made easier


With remote learning available, seafarers can now upgrade themselves at their convenience

Skills upgrade would be the most popular option to put on the backburner with the current chaotic situation. Seafarers would naturally be more concerned with making ends meet than training. However, the International Group’s P&I Club proved otherwise.

All there is in maritime
The maritime industry contended with worldwide crew change crisis in 2020 at its peak. “Wounded” is an understatement to describe how battered the sector has been. The good news is, seafarers still placed skills upgrade as one of the items in their To-Do lists in 2020. This is proven by the International Group’s P&I Qualification (P&IQ) programme, which received 657 participants in 2020.

The P&IQ Club’s course offers deep insights to maritime professionals, including the industry’s framework, history and operation of P&I Clubs, the operation of other insurances as well as guides to the different types of liabilities and problems encountered by shipowners and charterers.

The programme has 8 modules, participants can decide to take up a Certificate, Advanced Certificate or a Diploma. This is designed as a self-paced, distance learning course. All exams are conducted online and remotely invigilated. Hence, there is no need to commute to a training centre for both the lectures and examinations.

No pre-requisites for seafarers
What is notable is the programme’s enrolment is not restricted by industry pre-requisites or credentials. Seafarers at any point in their careers can enrol for the programme. In a statement, the Club said their member clubs have recognised the advantage of  greater knowledge and skills across the industry – which can be advantageous to their affiliates.

With remote learning becoming more common, the convenience is beneficial for seafarers to leverage the programme’s round-the-clock availability for skills upgrade. Without a doubt, more seafarers would be encouraged to increase their knowledge and enhance their market values.


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