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The essence of training for seafarers


Training when paired with a commitment to care, is a worthwhile investment

When shipping companies lament about manpower shortage, they may be referring to trained manpower. Having the right mindset towards ensuring this group acquire knowledge and experience is vital, and can result in costly consequences if taken in the wrong context.

Knowledge is anyone’s power
Employers would naturally find it more cost-effective to hire experienced crew. The latter know their basics and need minimal supervision. Hiring experienced crew is a worthwhile investment if both parties share common values. The employer wants the best for the company, and the new hire wants to give his/her best to the firm.

However, this does not happen in every situation. Some would take a chance on a fresh trainee with the right attitude. There are employers who get lucky as the new hire demonstrates unquestioned loyalty and professionalism over the stint. Some unfortunate employers slip up on retention strategies and wind up losing their best crew to a competitor. High-performing crew are popular for poaching. After all, no employer would say “no” to a highly-trained crew at another’s expense.

Upskilling is a facet of seafarer welfare. Lack of training is one of the popular reasons behind high turnovers in any company; diluting the attractiveness of the career. Nobody likes being stagnant and would be actively looking for opportunities to advance. If such are scarce within, the natural move is to look elsewhere. If the crew fully understands how much the company is invested in them through job training, they would offer more than a willingness to learn. Some would be more proactive in their positions. Supervisors would also notice less time is needed to oversee the trainee.

If the industry wants to draw and retain highly qualified professionals, invest in the training as part of their well-being. This cost will turn itself into a string intangible benefits that not even a trained accountant can quantify.


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