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Wallem Group pays tribute to seafarers on World Maritime Day

World Maritime Day

Shipping giant salutes all seafarers for their relentless commitment to sustain world trade

In a poignant note for World Maritime Day, John-Kaare Aune, Interim CEO of Wallem Group, urges an inclusive culture for the industry. He highlighted more can be done to make seafaring an attractive career to recruit talents.

Wallem’s crew equally affected
It is undeniable that seafarers were determined to keep the world functioning by sustaining the global supply chain. While some nations have recognised seafarers as “key workers”, governments remained frugal with benefits. Aune wrote in relation to the fact that Wallem’s seafarers are also victims of such circumstances, and an international conversation on crew welfare is much needed. “Governments must collaborate to facilitate crew changes and ensure that ship personnel have access to critical services and assistance including medical care, emotional support, shore leave, and repatriation whenever required,” he wrote.

He cited shipping happenings only made into mainstream media for the wrong reasons (crew change crisis and accidents). On the contrary, the industry — sans the current crises — is an exciting and dynamic sector with lots to offer to young and ambitious seafarers. Aune asserted it is the industry’s onus to turn the tides and put the sector in a good light if it wants to attract more talents.

Attract and nurture
Nobody can stress enough about the importance of cooperation between companies, governments, and schools; if the industry wishes to recruit the best talents for seagoing positions. Aune noted these aspiring maritime professionals would require the tools and training to be able to manage the ships of the future.

He wrote, “To inspire loyalty, the industry will have to deliver on its promises, with companies listening to their crew more closely than ever and making seafarers’ well-being their absolute priority.” Aune concluded his letter with gratitude to all seafarers, and their families whose patience and support kept the crew going during the most trying times.


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