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Are maritime employers adequately supporting their crew?


The Maritime UK will find out through its second survey

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day, the Maritime UK will be conducting its second survey to analyse how employers have supported their crew. The results would be published in February 2022.

Commitment towards improving mental health
An umbrella and a representative body for the country’s maritime sector, Maritime UK has invited business leaders to participate in the research, and sign up for the Mental Health in Maritime Pledge. Like its name, the organisation is a cross-sector approach to mental health and well-being. It was created by the Maritime UK’s Mental Health Network for organisations to commit and ensure mental well-being of their members is taken seriously. Launched in 2020, the Network provides companies and individuals with mental health-related resources, best practice guides, and toolkits.

The birth of Mental Health Maritime Pledge last March is the result of a survey conducted in October 2020. It revealed only 24 per cent of the respondents received mental-health related assistance from their employers. The Mental Health Maritime Pledge – a public commitment by companies to improve mental health and well-being for their workforce has since received signatures from over 70 leaders including the Maritime Minister, Robert Courts.

Chrissie Clarke, Head of Diversity and Operations at Maritime UK said: “COVID-19 greatly impacted our mental health and well-being. As we move into a post-pandemic world, we must collectively commit to improve mental health and well-being for the sector. World Mental Health Day is a perfect opportunity to join the Mental Health in Maritime Pledge, and we look forward to more signatories.”

Stuart Pollard, Mental Health Chair in Maritime Network and Director of H&S – Resilience at Arcadis, said: “We need to remember that some have been at work, and onboard vessels throughout the pandemic. Leaders must ask if enough was done for employees, and were conversations encouraged to reduce the stigma of mental health and illnesses. Have leaders engaged positively with people, and provided accessible support and information? Let’s see where we are and how we can improve through the survey, which is based on the Thriving at Work report by Stephenson and Farmer.”

Robert Courts concluded: “The last 18 months were the most challenging time our sector has ever faced. It is important that we pause and check on those around us. I am proud of Maritime UK’s efforts to tackle this challenge through the Mental Health in Maritime Pledge, and their survey. I look forward to continue working with the sector, to promote this further and champion better mental health.”


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