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Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) looks to Korea for talent


German shipowner turns to Korea for new generation of seafarers

Hamburg-based BSM inked an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technologies (KIMFT), a maritime education and research institute run by the South Korean government.

Potential pool of talents in Korea
Under the “Global Employment Project for Young Korean Seafarers” programme, both BSM and KIMFT will cooperate to boost careers at sea through multinational and cultural work environments. Both parties will jointly create highly-competent and passionate maritime manpower in the project.

Eva Rodriguez, Director HR Marine at BSM said in a statement, “Our partnership with KIMFT is in line with our aim to secure the most competent seafarers for a sustainable future. It will offer great opportunities to young Korean officers within our highly diversified fleet.” Eun-kyu Jang, Director of Education at KIMFT concurred, “This MOU symbolises a partnership which we believe will lead to excellent job opportunities for competent Korean seafarers in the years ahead.”

Statistics revealed there were approximately 16,000 seafarers from South Korea working onboard vessels in 2020. Industry sources pointed out the ongoing decrease in number of Korean seafarers was due to gradual decline in wages, and a change in social values in the country. Therefore, this collaboration marks the first step in recognising mutual interests in the field of seafarers’ entry to the global shipping market, with aims to promote career development and training of young talents. Manpower shortage has been a recurring issue in the global maritime sector. While seafarer centred, this partnership also a step in the right direction to rejuvenate Korea’s ailing maritime industry.

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