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Chinese seafarers to receive 7 per cent salary raise

The increment was to make up for the compromised working conditions during the pandemic

Both the Chinese Seamen & Construction Workers’ Union and China Shipowners’ Association reached an agreement on labour treatment standards for seafarers during the prevention and control of COVID-19. An official “Labour Treatment Standards for Seafarers during COVID-19 Prevention and Control” was issued.

Shipowners’ obligations
The Chinese Seamen & Construction Workers’ Union observed the crew’s relentless commitment to sustain world trade despite unfavourable working conditions during COVID-19. Persistent talks between crew and employers were fruitless, and it prompted the union to act. An approved standard was subsequently released after receiving the Chinese Crew Collective Consultative Conference’s endorsement.

The standard decreed that from 2022 – 2023, the minimum base salary of Chinese seafarers will increase by 7 per cent on the basis of 2021. Simultaneously, Chinese Seamen & Construction Workers’ Union officially launched special activities for crew. It also planned to extend condolences to 100 ships before New Year’s Day in 2022, and help 100 ships to improve the construction of reading convenience points onboard, as well as encourage seafarers to actively respond to the pandemic’s challenge both materially and spiritually.

Since the outbreak, the Chinese Seamen & Construction Workers’ Union and its subordinate organisations strengthened their rights protection services for crew groups. They also promoted the resolution of difficulties in crew changes, medical treatment and supply challenges. Last April, All-China Federation of Trade Unions allocated RMB1 million to carry out special activities to benefit 975 crew members in difficulty from 147 enterprises.

The Chinese Seamen & Construction Workers’ Union and China Shipowners’ Association have established a collective negotiation working mechanism since 2009. This helped China successively release marine labour standards for Chinese seafarers such as minimum wages, food cost standards and the industrial standards for the treatment of crew injuries and deaths, which had been highly recognised and widely used in the industry.

Apart from the increment, the new standard outlined the special circumstances which involved various aspects of the crew’s work onboard during COVID-19. There were 14 articles and 6 aspects, including the basis for formulating the standard, its application scopes, the equipment for ship epidemic prevention, wages, related expenses and payment methods for medical needs or overseas stays, crew’s holidays, epidemic prevention and food subsidies during the pandemic.


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