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Panama’s flag flies proud in IMO’s General Assembly

The maritime powerhouse has been listed under Category A since 2003

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is a body that oversees global maritime transit and transport. In its Assembly consisting three categories, only 10 countries made into Category A. They were elected based on their contributions (including crew’s) to the global maritime sector.

Result of collective efforts including crew’s
Panama is the world’s largest ship registry and successfully retained its position in IMO’s Category A since 2003 – demonstrating a high level of commitment to the IMO. Only 40 countries of the 175 that are members of the IMO are part of the Council, of which 10 are in Category A with the greatest interests in the provision of international maritime services.

Apart from having the largest ship registry, Panama has been actively exhibiting its dedication to improve seafarer quality through training and job exposure with mega shipowners. The Panamanian representation in this Assembly was led by the Minister of Maritime Affairs Noriel Arauz. He also signed several bilateral maritime agreements, among which the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Panama and the United Arab Emirates stood out.

Minister Arauz declared, “This is an achievement of all Panamanian maritime professionals and officials within the country and across 54 consulates, 4 registry offices and 14 international offices. They support more than 318,000 seafarers onboard 8,600 vessels sailing the world with our flag. Their contributions placed Panama on an international level.”

While Panama stands proud in Category A, the Assembly also has 10 states in Categories B and 20 in Category C. B comprises states with the largest interests in international seaboard trade, while C involves states that have “special interests in maritime transport or navigation” and are selected to ensure all major geographic areas are represented.

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