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Global seafarers to receive free internet for Christmas

Inmarsat is offering a seasonal gift to global crew to share the festivity

Seafarers have something to look forward to this Christmas. Global crew onboard can be in touch with families and friends, and enjoy music streaming during the holiday season, courtesy of Inmarsat.

A gift for worldwide crew
In July, an Inmarsat sponsored report revealed an explored outlook for seafarers in 2050 – naming connectivity as a necessity. “Seafarers in 2050 will likely have greater interaction and engagement with teams of people ashore,” it wrote.

Appreciating global crew’s commitment despite challenging market conditions, Inmarsat is giving free connectivity to global crew using its Fleet Hotspot service. Existing users will receive 250mb of free data, enabling calls, emails, internet browsing and streaming. The data will be credited to active accounts on Christmas eve.

Ben Palmer, President of Inmarsat Maritime, said: “Inmarsat is pleased to make this gift as a special thank you to seafarers for the work they do to keep the global economy running day in day out, year-round – often in difficult conditions. With crew travel restrictions in place again due to the pandemic, staying in touch is vital, especially this time of year. Fleet Hotspot changes the way those at sea and their families back home stay in touch.

The gift reflects Inmarsat’s commitment to support seafarers through flexible global mobile communications services for the digital era. “Fleet Hotspot is very popular among seafarers, especially after recent upgrades. It can now be accessed on any vessel using Fleet Xpress, from multiple devices from both land and sea. Seafarers have full control when managing their connectivity, independent of their current ship contract. Based on feedback from seafarers, the accounts can be topped up before joining the vessel. Their families can also add credits on their behalf,” Palmer added.

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