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Panama Maritime Authority issues digital certificates to seafarers

To date, the authority issued 255,714 digital certificates to crew in its transition to digitalisation

The topic about digitalisation has been nothing less than subjective. Every organisation has its own pace to keep up with the rhythm. The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has successfully transitioned through issuing electronic certificates to crew.

Embracing digitalisation
In its latest announcement, the AMP had issued 255,714 digital certificates between end of December 2020 and end November 2021, much to the industry’s delight. These documents included: Transitory Certificates, Certificate of Course Endorsement, Proficiency Certificates and Endorsement of Proficiency Certificates. These were estimated to generate a yearly saving of approximately US$217,357.00 for the State. Likewise, some certificates and documents are still issued in the printed format, in security paper at users’ requests.

These certificates and technical documentation authenticate seafarers’ professional validity onboard Panama-flagged vessels worldwide. Additionally, processing all these endorsements digitally ensures all parties’ safety. Streamlining these administrative processes are also in accordance to Resolution ADM-165-2020 from 11 November 2020, which took effect at the end of December 2020.

These documents contain a unique tracking number, as well as a quick verification code (QR Code) that allow seafarers and inspectors to speed-up the processes of obtaining and validating the document, complying with the verification, notification and implantation processes established in Circ. FAL.5/Circ.39. Rev.2.

Panama is the world’s largest ship registry and recently retained its position in IMO’s Category A. Only 40 countries of the 175 that are members of the IMO are part of the Council, of which 10 are in Category A with the greatest interests in the provision of international maritime services. Its ship registry remains popular among global shipowners.

Marine Online is also a long-term partner of the AMP, enabling shipowners to register their vessels and apply for crew endorsements through the platform. With everything carried out digitally, shipowners are exempted from the chore of physically heading to the Panama embassy in Singapore for administrative procedures.

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