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Panama Maritime Authority recovered record wage amount for seafarers

Some 1,386 seafarers would also end the year well reunited with their families

A mammoth US$10,447,142.25 in wages were recovered by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) from shipowners due to crew as at 27 December 2021 since 1 July 2019. It also facilitated repatriation of 1,386 crew from various nationalities onboard Panama-flagged vessels.

Steadfast assistance for crew
Breaking down this whopping US$10 million: US$7,660,455.55 was for 2021, representing an increase of 279 per cent compared to US$2,021,691.29 in 2020. For 2019, the AMP recovered US$764,995.41 in wages due to the seafarers by their employers. Collectively, the authority intervened in 797 labour complaints and processed 56 resolutions.

Such proved the authority’s dedication and compliance with national and international conventions, and the national regulations on seafarer labour onboard Panama-flagged ships. It involved applying the set of standards that regulate life conditions, guarantee decent work, such as the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 as amended, ratified by the Republic of Panama on 2009; its regulation in Panama through the Executive Decree No. 86 from 2013 and the Executive Decree No. 160 from 3 March 2021.

The AMP’s General Directorate of Seafarers looks after the labour rights of the seafarers so they are respected, enforcing the procedures to resolve the conflicts and problems afflicting seafarers swiftly and efficiently – guaranteeing a safe back-up, and reinforcing its objective to be a serious and responsible ship registry. The country has indeed lived up to its reputation after being re-elected in Category A of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) general assembly – actively supporting seafarers in every way possible.

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