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Sailor’s Society launched New Sea Change Fund to help seafarers in crisis

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Another charity joins in the support for maritime’s unsung heroes through fund raising

Maritime charity, Sailors’ Society has launched a new fund to provide urgent welfare grants for seafarers and their families in desperate need. This adds to the current list of funds set up by other maritime bodies.

More funds set up
Last May, a cohort of seafarer welfare charities and private companies collectively established the Seafarers International Relief Fund (SIRF). The donations exceeded US$500,000 within just 3 months, reflecting the industry’s steadfast empathy and support for the people that relentlessly sustained our supply chains.

Early January, the Sailor’s Society launched its Sea Change Fund to provide small emergency payments to seafarers and their dependents to help address immediate needs. Sara Baade, Sailors’ Society’s CEO said, “Calls for support have never been greater. We launched our Sea Change Fund to help answer these calls, so seafarers and their families who need urgent financial assistance to pay for food, medical bills, schooling or a roof over their heads can get support quickly.”

Sara added, “Seafarers have endured a challenging couple of years, often full of fear and uncertainty while far away from loved ones. We owe them a great debt more than ever. Now is the time to band together to support our key workers of the sea and make the sea change needed when a crisis hits.” Grants can assist with a range of pressing welfare needs, including help with essential bills like food and medicine, education, or in emergency situations such as natural disaster or cases of abandonment

In 2020, the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) launched their Seafarers Emergency Fund to help seafarers and their families caught in sudden and unforeseen circumstances requiring financial support.

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