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Another avenue to access well-being courses for seafarers

One more charity joins the bandwagon providing mental health support to crew onboard

Norway-based Mintra has joined forces with welfare organisation The Mission to Seafarers to deliver “vital” support to seafarers around the world struggling with their mental health. Crew can access well-being courses through an internet connection, providing employers another outlet to address crew welfare.

A thank you gesture
Collaborating with The Mission to Seafarers, all proceeds from sales of Mintra’s courses would be used to fund the latter’s work in supporting seafarers in 200 ports across 50 different countries. Kevin Short, CEO of Mintra was proud to partner The Mission to Seafarers through supporting the vital work of a charity operating in one of Mintra’s main markets.

“Our technology ensures The Mission to Seafarers provide equal access to these high-quality resources, not just to those who are employed by large corporates. Seafarers can now access WeCare courses from any device with an internet connection – a phone, laptop or a computer in a port welfare centre – and instantly get the support they need. There are no delays or complex sign-up processes: just purchase the course and immediately start learning.

“Mintra understands the emotional challenges in this profession and the pandemic, particularly the crew change crisis left so many seafarers in limbo. Our support to The Mission to Seafarers is a small way of saying ‘thank you’ to those who risk their lives everyday to enable global economies to prosper.” Short said in a statement.

Revd Canon Andrew Wright, The Mission to Seafarers’ Secretary General, said the partnership with Mintra came at a critical time, with more seafarers experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation after being separated from family and friends over the festive period. “We are incredibly excited to partner with Mintra, as making the WeCare courses available on allows us to reach the individual seafarers and smaller groups of employees that have not been able to access WeCare before,” Wright said.

“This allows us to be inclusive and ensures that we are providing courses to those who are in most need. We are grateful to Mintra for its support and for hosting WeCare free of charge on, as this ensures every penny from sales goes back into supporting the activities of our chaplains who work tirelessly to address a wide range of seafarers’ welfare needs,” Wright concluded.

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