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How to be versatile onboard and ashore

There is now a course that helps crew transit to ashore jobs should they decide to switch

With so much media coverage on the challenges working onboard, many seafarers were said to be reconsidering if a job ashore is a better fit. A Ship-to-Shore Transition Course instead helps crew with successful transits to ashore, granting smoother ease into the new gig.

Enabling smooth transitions to shore
The programme introduces the business of shipping covering shipping costs, revenues and cash flows, shipping earnings, statistics and analytics, and practical applications. Participants will also be acquainted with charterparties which examine the payment obligations under voyages, understand how freight is calculated, when payable, and by who and remedies for non-payment. It would also talk about laytime and what purpose it serves, Notice of Readiness (NOR), and what is demurrage and despatch money.

The course will also outline the differences between time charterparties and voyage charterparties, and related payment terms. Participants would also be introduced on the key clauses relating to off-hire, final orders and redelivery to the shipowner. In the aspect of mishaps, the course will also study a portion of maritime law, the liabilities corresponding to respective maritime regulations.

In General Average and Protection and Indemnity (P&I), the course will cover general averages and the role of P&I clubs in marine insurance practice. It will look at P&I Clubs, their pay to be paid system and the important role these clubs play in the shipping industry. Lastly, the course will cover the common marine insurance policies and applications. The Ship-to-Shore Transition Course designed as a relevant bridging course for seafarers who are going ashore happens to be free of charge. Nevertheless, participants have the option of upgrading for a certificate at a fee.

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