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Norwegian shipowner enhances crew welfare through connectivity

Golden Energy Offshore signs internet contract for its fleet with Inmarsat

The renowned broadband solutions provided last offered free connectivity at Christmas, and extended discounted plans to seafarers for the Lunar New Year. It has now secured a connectivity agreement with an offshore vessel owner for its crew and operations.

Worthwhile investment
Golden Energy Offshore has signed a contract for Inmarsat’s 3-in-1 Fleet LTE network service. It not only enables automatic adopting of the strongest signals to support connectivity in operations, crew are given the privilege to use it to remain in touch with their families while at sea.

Per Ivar Fagervoll, CEO, Golden Energy Offshore highlighted, “As an ISO 50001 certified company committed to green operations, Golden Energy Offshore deems it essential to fully utilise performance analysis softwares to maintain our environmental focus. Fleet LTE provides flexibility to tailor connectivity needs for our internal use, for the needs of charterers, and for every individual onboard. It enhances crew welfare by supporting day-to-day needs such as banking and keeping in contact with families. It will support data-intensive activities such as video conferencing, replication, and real-time data transfer.”

Fagervoll added, “We also have plans to move forward with class societies and customers on remote inspections and equipment servicing. Installation of Fleet LTE allows us to do all this most effectively while making significant cost savings, which are always welcome.”

Fleet LTE can switch between Fleet Xpress (Ka-band), FleetBroadband (L-band), and 4G coverage, depending on the strongest available signal. Band selection will be made automatically, in a seamless process developed to ensure stability. Such is a good initiative by a shipowner, given internet connections are proven to be an integral part of modern seafaring. Moreover, a reliable connection has a positive impact on mental wellbeing, operational efficiency and safety.

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