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New super-app for seafarer welfare and wellbeing

Stella Maris collaborates with tech start-up FrontM to develop new super-app

The world’s largest ship-visiting network Stella Maris has worked with tech start-up FrontM to develop onship, a new super-app platform for seafarers to gain easy access to Stella Maris’s global chaplaincy directory, media content and faith resources.

Built for seafarers in mind
According to Stella Maris’ CEO Martin Foley, “Faith is important to many seafarers and fishers who rarely get the change to attend religious services. The prayer resources on the app supplements the Stella Maris magazine, prayer books and rosaries that our chaplains and ship visitors take on board to crews. onship ensures seafarers and fishers always have access to the services they need to sustain their spiritual needs and to remain healthy, happy and connected, regardless of location.”

Besides devotional materials, the super-app also allows seafarers to get connected to chaplains through the app’s built-in voice, instant messaging and video conferencing tools, as well as other welfare and virtual assistant services. The app was also designed and tested to use up to 30 percent less data than other apps, which is very thoughtful and helpful for seafarers out at sea, where internet connectivity is scarce.

The CEO of FrontM Kiran Venkatesh also elaborated on the motive behind the collaboration, describing it as, “a breakthrough in the way devotional support and content is current consumed and distributed to seafarers and the global maritime community. The partnership with Stella Maris will help to expand onship’s welfare focus whilst ensuring our seafaring community will always have access to faith services and a friend in port via the Stella Maris network.”


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