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More support for seafarers in crisis

The Seafarers’ Charity and The TK Foundation provided grants to Sailors’ Society

Recovering from trauma can take a toll on seafarers and their families, which can inadvertently affect the family’s income. Thus, it is of crucial importance that seafarers get adequate support to get back to their feet as quickly as possible.

Supporting seafarers and their families
The grants, which support the Sailors’ Society’s Crisis Response Network, will benefit thousands of seafarers and their families who are recovering from a traumatic incident, such as piracy, an accident or natural disaster.

According to Sailors’ Society CEO Sara Baade, “We offer front-line trauma care, providing for basic physical and psychological needs, recovery and rehabilitation – and ultimately we help survivors to reintegrate into their communities and back into their jobs. Importantly, it is not only seafarers who benefit from the Crisis Response Network, but their families and seafaring communities.”

For The Seafarers’ Charity, bettering lives at sea was one of the main motivations to their funding. According to Chief Executive Officer Catherine Spencer, “This helpline remains a crucial pathway to assistance for seafarers that we are proud to fund under our strategic outcome of better working lives at sea.”

For The TK Foundation, their decision to fund was purely on the basis of the humanitarian spirit, “The project is very much in keeping with the aims of our founder, J. Torben Karlshoej, to support the welfare and health needs of seafarers and their families around the world. We recognize that, with the pandemic significantly disrupting the lives of seafarers’ and their families, Sailors’ Society’s Crisis Response Network represents a vital resource in these difficult times.”

Sailors’ Society


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