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Imagining the workforce of tomorrow’s maritime engineers

Maritime UK partners with EngineeringUK to address future skills needed in the maritime engineer of tomorrow

Seafaring engineers are a vital resource for a ship, as their skills can help keep the ship running smoothly and safely. But, times are changing given the heightened emphasis on climate change and so are the requirements for the future maritime engineers. Maritime UK, BAE Systems and EngineeringUK sat down for an online discussion to talk about the issues and challenges facing engineers in the post-pandemic times as well as the future of the marine engineering workforce.

A diverse workforce is ideal
The focus of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code is to increase the diversity and number of young people entering engineering careers. To successfully attract a young and diverse workforce, Maritime UK has put in place some initiatives to achieve their goal.

According to Maritime UK’s Programme Manager (Careers and Outreach) Lorna Wagner, the skillsets needed for the future engineer is going to be very different from today, “The fact is engineers are going to look different in the future (in the maritime sector). You are going to have a more diverse workforce, because we are trying to attract a different skill set. We are looking for people who are creative problem solvers, who are communicators, who are bringing different skills and maybe coming into engineering from different backgrounds.”

With the net-zero agenda at the center of the discussion, Portfolio Director of BAE Systems Maritime Amelia Gould concurred that a diverse workforce made up of people from different specializations is needed to solve the issues of maritime engineering in the near future, “It’s more about big leaps and big changes and new ideas on how we can do things completely different in a carbon neutral way. And that definitely needs a much broader spectrum of people to be looking at it, from different disciplines, especially in engineering.”

Tomorrow’s Engineers Code


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