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Safer voyage through Papua New Guinea waters

The project was initiated by the Papua New Guinea’s National Maritime Safety Authority(NMSA) through the “Maritime Waterway Safety Project”

Norwegian technology company Vissim and its project partner M-Nav Solutions has installed and upgraded an advanced costal monitoring and surveillance system in Papua New Guinea’s waters, designed to enable better tracking for safer vessel navigation. The project was funded by the Asian Development Bank to help Papua New Guinea enhance maritime safety and efficiency.

Good news for both ships and the marine environment
Håvard Odden, Head of Maritime Awareness Business Area, Vissim, shared the benefits of the new system, “The ‘Coastal Monitoring Station (CMS)’ system will contribute towards improved safety of navigation, more efficient planning of marine traffic, better surveillance of remote coastal waters and to help protect areas that have been defined as particularly sensitive sea areas by the International Maritime Organization. Our system utilizes input from millions of data points to create an easy-to-understand maritime awareness picture that allows NMSA to understand and act on threats to maritime safety, security and the marine environment in busy shipping routes.”

The introduction of this new system is not only welcome news for seafarers and ships, but also beneficial to marine life and the ecosystem. “Our system shows a real-time overview of marine traffic in the area. This provides a valuable decision support platform that can help protect marine life, traffic and assets in an area that is very vulnerable to shipping related risks and impacts,” Håvard Odden adds.


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