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Striving for a safe and accident-free workplace

V.Group collaborates with HiLo Maritime Risk Management for the wellbeing of seafarers

Ship management and maritime services company, V.Group has announced their determination to promote an organizational culture that cares for the safety and wellbeing of their seafarers. To achieve that, they have collaborated with HiLo Maritime Risk Management to proactively predict, preempt and prevent catastrophic events from happening.

Striving for accident-free operations
HiLo is an industry initiative to model and provide a level of risk focus to high impact and low frequency incidents in the fleet, based on the reporting of leading events and near misses. With unprecedented access to a massive pool of data, HiLo uses big data predictive analytics to improve the safety of seafarers and identify risk areas.

The V.Group initiative, Goal Zero, was built with a purpose and goal to enable all V.Group staff to return home safely after work. By working with HiLo, V.Group is able to understand operational risks and look ahead to mitigate potential disasters at sea for its seafarers.

“At V.Group, we are dedicated to setting the standards for industry-leading performance in health and safety. In doing so, we actively partner with technical experts who share our values and promote best practices in safety management. The expectation from our Group, and our customers, is that responsible companies not only maintain best practices, but are also committed to having programs in place which drive continuous improvement,” V.Group’s Global Head of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) Mike Bradshaw reiterated on the Group’s mission to providing a responsible and safe workplace for their staff.


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