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Taking disease prevention to the seas

Maritime Medical and Public Health specialist VIKAND Solutions launches virtual training course

The world’s first Maritime School of Medicine & Public Health has been established. Spurred by the ongoing pandemic, companies are now able to equip their employees and staff with knowledge about infectious disease epidemiology and its application within the maritime sector through the virtual Infection Control Officer training course offered by VIKAND Solutions.

Flexible learning anytime, anywhere
The course takes a total of 30 hours to complete, with nine modules and a final exam before participants will be awarded a Classification Society (RINA) certified certificate. Participants will learn theories and concepts of infectious disease epidemiology with core fundamental public health requirements and how it is applicable to the real-world onboard environments.

For busy seafarers, it is still possible to attend the course due to the nature of the online learning platform. Seafarers can learn at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want or are available. The virtual academy also provides self-assessment quizzes with each main module to recap or test learners’ knowledge throughout the training.

VIKAND Solutions’ Director of Public Health David Best urges uptake on the course, citing the ever importance of having crews with proper infection prevention knowledge onboard, “Although this training is aimed at those who preferably have a public health or medical background, it’s been written to accommodate those who do not. The importance of crew training in the application of onboard infection prevention and appropriate response measures should not be understated as even the best written policies will struggle to be effective if staff are not properly trained.”

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