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European Union commits to improving maritime security

Safe passage through the Gulf of Guinea and North-Western Indian Ocean will continue

The European Union (EU) and its member states have reaffirmed their commitment to continue improving the security and the EU’s Coordinated Maritime Presence (CMP) in the Gulf of Guinea and in the North-Western Indian Ocean through the adoption of two sets of Council Conclusions.

Aimed at mitigating external dangers for seafarers
The Gulf of Guinea is a hotspot for piracy and a challenging area for vessels and their crews. The extension of the CMP until 2024 is good news for shipowners and seafarers alike, as government support to mitigate the risk of piracy is crucial for the safety of ships and crew at sea.

Operation ATALANTA in the Indian Ocean was also recognised in the Conclusions. Member States have agreed that the operation was of utmost importance, since it plays a vital supporting role with the sharing and reporting of information to enhance the security of the region.

The European Community Shipowners’ Association’s (ECSA) Director for Shipping and Trade Policy Luisa Puccio, has lauded the continuation of the CMP and assured that the ECSA will do everything they can to support safe passage for seafarers, “The extension of the Coordinated Maritime Presence reiterates the commitment of the EU and the Member States to enhance maritime security in key areas, and in particular in the Gulf of Guinea. ECSA stresses its willingness to engage with the Commission and the Member States to ensure the safety of our seafarers and a stable environment for EU shipping, regional development and global trade.”



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