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India pledges to enhance safety at sea

As part of MILAN 2022, India organized and hosted an International Maritime Seminar, Harnessing Collective Maritime Competence Through Collaboration, on 27 February 2022

MILAN is the biennial multilateral naval exercise conducted by the Indian navy to look at the best practices and procedures and enable learning exchanges between the navies of different countries. During the opening address, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar stressed on the need to build collective competence for safe passage at sea, “We want to make a real contribution to a free, more open and increasingly inclusive global commons. Prosperity, security and growth of all through cooperative collaboration is our driving motto. The focus is on safety, security and stability at sea.”

Ensuring the safety of all seafaring people
During his speech, the Admiral had made special mention that the seas are vital for the continuation and prosperity of global trade. Navies, who have the power and ability to protect, should step up to ensure the security and safety of the people at sea no matter the nationality, “Navies should act as collective sentinels. Like-minded navies should pool their expertise, experience and resources to manage the global commons.”

In addition, the Admiral has also confirmed India’s determination to contribute to the maritime safety of seafarers, “Engaging partner nations to develop inter-operability and trust and maintaining sustained and continuous engagements are the other elements of our priorities.”

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