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Solidarity and support in maritime industry for seafarers

Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, many maritime non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have stepped up to provide emotional support for affected seafarers

There is no question that the price of peace is more often than not, costly. But as the Secretary-general of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) says, seafarers should not be collateral damage. To help ease the mental strain on seafarers affected by the ongoing situation that seems likely to drag on, we have compiled a list of NGOs who are providing a listening ear and emotional support to all seafarers.

Stella Maris
The world’s largest ship-visiting network Stella Maris has been keeping tabs on Ukrainian and Russian seafarers since the start of the crisis. Their chaplains have feedback that emotions in the seafarers they had spoken to were high and they worried about their families back home. To ease the jitters, Stella Maris is offering phone cards and data SIMs to all Ukrainian seafarers for free.

Sailor’ Society
Built on the Society’s existing Peer-to-Peer Support WhatsApp groups, seafarers who find it hard to speak to strangers may find comfort in speaking to their fellow countrymen, in their native language. Seafarers can join the groups to get updated on the situation back home and also share information they have received to ease the hearts of all.

Liverpool Seafarers Centre
The Centre is offering a listening ear to seafarers impacted by the Ukraine conflict. As contact with their families get increasingly difficult, the Centre is also supplying Ukrainian seafarers with free SIM cards to help them get in contact with their loved ones.

Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB)
The MNWB has launched a £5,000 emergency SIM card fund for Ukrainian seafarers affected by the crisis. While some major mobile networks offer free international roaming calls to Ukraine, it may require the SIM card to be topped up regularly, so the fund will cover the cost of SIM cards and top-ups. Maritime charities that provide welfare support to seafarers can apply for grants up to £250.

Stella Maris
Sailors’ Society
Liverpool Seafarers Centre
Merchant Navy Welfare Board


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