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Another company joins the digital upskill movement

Hong Kong-headquartered dry bulk shipping company Pacific Basin has decided to go digital in helping their seafarers upgrade themselves

It is no question that seafarers need to constantly upgrade their skills to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and maintain their competitiveness. With a roster of 4,600 seafarers, Pacific Basin Shipping saw importance in supporting their employees and their business interests through state-of-the-art training and education that can be accessed virtually anywhere in the world.

Pacific Basin Shipping’s move to digitalize their training for seafarers allows employees of the company to take advantage of the opportunity with the customizable in-house training material as well as over 800 training titles already in available in the training library.

Safety was the main consideration
Besides helping seafarers upgrade their skills and knowledge, the wellbeing of both seafarers and the company’s assets were also part of the deciding factor for Pacific Basin, according to CEO Martin Fruergaard, “The shipping industry will continue to evolve, as will the demands on our seafarers. For us to continue to deliver to our customers the highest level of service and safety, we want to ensure that our seafarers and shore-based personnel are up-to-date with the latest industry learnings.”

The new learning system not only allows seafarers and Pacific Basin staff to learn at their own availability and pace, it also enables the company to keep track of the progress of each employee and acts as a platform for communication outreach within the organization. In the words of CEO Martin Fruergaard, “Pacific Basin will always strive to enhance our safety-first culture, and we hope that this learning system will enrich interaction and engagement and help to deliver the best learning outcomes.”


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