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Services more rapid with new weekly service

Sparked by volume demand, a new loop service between China, Vietnam, Singapore and East India will launched on 22 April

Under a vessel-sharing agreement (VSA) between Pacific International Lines (PIL), Regional Container Lines (RCL) and Interasia Lines (IAL), a new weekly direct loop service – the joint CVI service – will be launched from the port of Ningbo in China. Vessels in the service will have an average capacity of 2,200 TEUs.

For seafarers, this growing trend in companies being invested in enhancing their presence within Asia means more opportunities for jobs within the region. Companies have looked at the growth potential of India and are investing heavily into increasing their businesses there. According to PIL’s Chief Trade Officer Tonnie Lim, “This new service to India’s East Coast reflects our confidence in the growth potential of India, and our commitment to continue to seek new opportunities to expand our network into India.”

Other companies eyeing India’s potential too
The new loop service is not the first though. On 27 March, Wan Hai Lines launched a weekly service – the CI7 service – connecting the same route. It departed the port of Haiphong on Sunday. It would rotate at the ports of Haiphong, Zhanjiang, Nansha, Cat Lai, Port Klang North Port, Chennai, Vizag, and back to Port Klang North Port and Haiphong.

The joint CVI service by the IPL, RCL and IAL would call at the ports of Ningbo, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Port Kelang, and back to Ho Chi Minh and Ningbo. Before this service, the three partners have established VSA using IAL’s connections out of India and the companies seem set for expansion into the Indian market.


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