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Reeling in the good times on screen

A good movie could help unwind the stress of the day’s work, for seafarers, it could also help stave off their loneliness at sea

The sea has always had a mysterious lure, with myths and legends surrounding the large mass of water that is largely unknown to most people. In pop culture, the creation of sea-related movies had inspired the dreams of many children hoping to become heroes of the sea. We looked at some movies that seafarers can watch, and entertain themselves, while learning from them.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The story is set during the Napoleonic Wars, and is definitely an action-packed movie that thrills the heart. Interestingly, snippets of superstition and old belief of how to “appease” the seas for safety during the 19th century could be seen in the movie. If anything, it is good entertainment and worth to watch for some laughs. Just a word of caution though, standing on the top mast rigging without adequate safety gears is not safe.

The Pirates of the Caribbean series
Yet another famous movie franchise, the series is purely fictional and for entertainment. Although, some of the ideas in the film were inspired by legends, such as the legendary ghost ship Flying Dutchman, the mythical spring said to bring everlasting youth – Fountain of Youth, and the trident of Greek sea god Poseidon. As with many Hollywood movies, the fighting scenes are entertaining, but some portions might cause seafarers to cringe over the safety precautions if it occurred in real life, such as swinging from a rope attached to the main mast.

Captain Phillips
This movie would strike a chord with seafarers, as it was based on a true story of a vessel being hijacked by pirates. The speed and momentum of the story never stops, and the underlying feeling of fear was palpable throughout the entire movie. Although, looking at the main lead, who was also the Captain/Master of the vessel, perhaps shouting at the pirates after being hijacked was not a good decision for the safety of the entire crew.


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