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India pays homage to seafarers

During the National Maritime Day on 5 April in India, top governmental officials gave special mention to seafarers for their contribution during the pandemic

India’s Minister for Ports, Shipping and Waterways Sarbananda Sonowal spoke at an event marking the country’s 59th National Maritime Day, where he honoured India’s maritime achievements by seafarers during the last two years.

During his speech, he lauded the efforts of Indian seafarers even at the height of the pandemic, where more than 210,000 Indian seafarers were toiling hard on Indian and foreign-flagged vessels to keep supply chains intact. According to Minister Sonowal, Indian seafarers had helped ensure the self-reliance of India and the world during the most difficult period when India was virtually overwhelmed by the skyrocketing pandemic situation back in 2021.

As with previous reports, India has been stepping up their game in enhancing the security and safety of the Indian Ocean, working with neighbouring countries to ensure that their part of the world can successfully welcome businesses and promote trade.

Investing heavily in the maritime sector
Minister Sonowal has also reaffirmed India’s determination to boost the country’s economy, trade and standard of living through supporting the maritime sector. The Minister shared that, Indian seafarers had increased in population by 25% between 2016 and 2019. Now, India has set a goal of becoming a maritime crewing powerhouse. They will achieve this by increasing the number of Indian seafarer supply to make up 20% of the pool of international seafarers by 2030.

In addition to seafarer training centres for trade vessels, India also has their eyes on the Indian cruise market, and Minister Sonowal revealed plans of a dedicated training centre for crewing on cruise ships.


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