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Supporting seafarers through change to greener maritime

To ensure that seafarers are supported in the transition to a greener maritime, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) established the Maritime Just Transition Taskforce

The Maritime Just Transition Taskforce is a collaboration between three global organisations – ICS, the International Workers’ Federation and the UN Global Compact. It had been established during the COP26 summit in Glasgow last year, with the aim to reduce the impact of climate change through transforming the maritime industry into a greener and more sustainable industry.

With their goal in mind, the taskforce announced their first public partner during Singapore Maritime Week. The Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) will be laying the foundation for the taskforce by providing working to identify the skills needed for a greener maritime. Seafarers should also pay notice to the upcoming COP27 summit in November this year, as the SMF will be launching a report on their findings of job opportunities in a green maritime era.

Greener maritime transformation coming quickly
Seafarers can be reassured that while green transformation is inevitable, they will not be required to make the transition without help. The ICS is committed to helping seafarers, as they are the essential workforce driving the global supply chain. In the words of the ICS’ Secretary-General Guy Platten, “People are powering this green transition, and they must be set up for success. The first step is to quantify the skills needed for our workforce to be able to safely work on zero-emission vessels.”

For countries without the ability and infrastructure to proceed with the transition, the ICS will be extending their support to ensure that all countries and seafarers get started on the same page. “We will collaborate with industry and governments to ensure no seafarer is left behind, and that developing nations will have equal access to the same training and support,” Secretary-General Platten added.

The SMF’s work will support the estimated 1.89 million seafarers worldwide. Through their work, they will identify the skills needed for new talent and find ways to reskill the existing seafaring community. The message to seafarers would be that change is coming and it is time to adapt and learn, but rest assure, there would always be a place for you in the maritime industry.


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