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Experimenting for greener shipping

Hamburg, Germany-based Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) has started a research and development project to monitor how their fleet can become greener through seafarers

Many maritime leaders have been talking about green transformation. But how exactly will maritime organisations and companies make the effort to change the industry and fight climate change with the rest of the world?

Answering the call of becoming part of a greener and more sustainable industry, BSM has taken it upon themselves to research on how seafarers can create habits to help with carbon emission reduction through their daily work and actions.

Findings show seafarers play a key role in decarbonization
To run the experiment, BSM worked with clean-tech start-up Signol to individualise goals for each seafarer for the duration of the trial. A total of 60 Masters and Chief Engineers on 28 vessels under the management of the company volunteered for the experiment and it was conducted in the second half of 2021.

During the trial period, the goal targets were determined based on the seafarer’s prior performance and habits. Each week, participants were given updates on what they had achieved during the week that was tracked by the App. Participants were also given positive feedback to guide them towards implementation of fuel-saving practices during their work.

With the conclusion of the trial, BSM had analysed the findings and found promising potential in manoeuvring the company towards greener initiatives. It also affirmed the fact that seafarers can be reminded into a habit of playing their part in a green maritime industry through behavioural change.

Managing Director of BSM Deutschland Nick Topham was of the thought that seafarers were one of the vital key elements to creating a greener industry and to add value to both the industry and the business, “I am pleased with the overall outcome of the pilot project as it proved our hypothesis that seafarers are not only important key workers, but also play a valuable role in the decarbonization of the shipping industry.”

Encouraged by their initial findings, BSM will be working closer with Signol to conduct further tests on behavioural science with interested partners and how it can impact the maritime industry to fast-forward the green initiatives to make green transformation a reality sooner.


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