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Blue economy starts with seafarers

Image credit: FIJI Sun

Fiji announced that their new Fiji Seafarers Centre is almost ready to start serving seafarers, including present and ex-seafarers

Seafarers can expect a new resting spot when stopping over the Republic of Fiji soon. The small maritime nation recognised the Institute of Maritime Officers Guild (IMOG Fiji) in 2020, and one of the requirements for the recognition was to have a seafarers’ centre.

The IMOG Fiji was created to help bolster Fiji’s maritime industry through passing down of knowledge from retired seafarers, sea masters and engineers. Two years later today, the promised seafarers’ centre is almost nearing completion and ready to start receiving seafarers.

Pampering for seafarers when passing through Fiji

The Fiji Seafarers Centre was modified from an old government building in Walu Bay, Suva. According to IMOG Fiji’s Secretary General Lopeti Radravu, besides supporting the goals of the guild to boost the maritime industry in Fiji, the centre will also be acting as a mission centre for Women in Maritime Fiji. It represents the determination of the island nation to ensure the success of their blue economy.

Seafarers, be it Fijians or foreigners, taking a breather in the centre will also be able to access mental health services and counselling as well as take up accommodations there. Secretary General Radravu described the dedicated service that seafarers will receive when they take a break at the centre, “For example, we have a seafarer from Sri Lanka coming to Fiji through one of the vessels. They will contact us; the bus will go and pick them up from the wharf and they can rest here at the centre before their next trip.”

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