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SIRC: Understanding seafarers’ living conditions

Image Credits: Safety4sea

Repost: A new animation video by Seafarers’ International Research Centre (SIRC), Cardiff University, aims to highlight the consequences of poor accommodation for seafarers and for the recruitment and retention of high quality personnel in the cargo sector.

Through the story of Freddie the engine cadet’s first experience of a vessel, this animation brings SIRC findings on the design of shipboard accommodation to life.  The animation complements the SIRC recommended standard of accommodation for seafarers working on board cargo vessels.

The SIRC recommended standard of vessel accommodation has been produced following the conduct of two large-scale pieces of research involving the completion of more than 3,000 interviewer-administered questionnaires with seafarers in 2011 and 2016.

The research findings were followed up with visits to 35 ships to examine current design/furnishings and six shipyards (in China, South Korea and Japan) to consider barriers to change.


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