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300 Panamanian seafarers answer call for jobs with Navesco

Image Credit: Seatrade Maritime

Repost: A move to attract Panamanian seafarers to apply for positions with Colombian shipping company Navesco has resulted in 300 applicants.

Working with the Panama Maritime Authority’s Seafarers section Navesco called for Panamanian seafarers interested in working on the company’s cargo vessels.

This call was directed mainly to First Officers (Deck and Engine), Chief Engineers, ABs, Fitters, and Cooks, with previous experience and attracted 300 applicants.

The general manager of the shipping company Navesco, Guillermo Solano, accompanied by its operations department director, Norman Jimenez Espinel, oversaw the personnel interviews.

Navesco signed an Agreement with the AMP in March 2020 and General Manager Guillermo Solano said they are pleased with the Panamanians’ professionalism and competence of those hired on board their ships, around 40 of them and requested the call since they wanted to increase the numbers of Panamanian seafarers on their ships.

Navesco is an international company founded in 1980, dedicated to international sea transport and cabotage of solid bulk. Its activity is mainly carried out in the American continent, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, both on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The company owns 12 vessels

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