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Ensuring a people-centred transition to net zero high on CrewConnect Global agenda

Repost: Taking place the week after COP 27, CrewConnect Global will reflect on, and build upon many of the key discussions from the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Central to the debates at CrewConnect Global will be recommendations for a Just Transition, ensuring that the seafarer is not forgotten in shipping’s race to decarbonize.

The shipping industry continues to make serious strides towards achieving net-zero carbon emission targets by 2050, and a sizeable amount of effort and investment is given to the choice of strategies. Equipment, fuels, vessel build and management, data, technology, and infrastructure can all play their part in supporting the industry’s journey to these ambitious targets. Equally important, but sometimes not given the same amount of attention, is the human side of the Green Transition.

What mechanisms are already in place to ensure that the Green Transition is a Just Transition? How can the transition to net zero also foster decent work and promote social inclusion? What happens with levels of training, competency, upskilling or reskilling seafarers in an industry governed by conventions which, though useful, can often fall short of actual requirements and take a very long time to be updated to reflect the fast pace of change? How to ensure that in our race for a greener future, we don’t lose sight of the wider sustainability of human beings, particularly in our industry in which one of the biggest challenges we are facing is the availability of competent seafarers and the attraction and retention of talent?

The Maritime Just Transition Task Force – a joint initiative with the International Transport Workers’ Federation, the International Chamber of Shipping, the UN Global Compact, the International Labour Organization and the International Maritime Organization – has developed a set of recommendations, based on an initial analysis of the current state of crew supply, training strategies and future pressures the shipping industry will have to respond to.  At CrewConnect Global the audience will hear from Sturla Henriksen, Special Advisor, Ocean at United Nations Global Compact and his colleagues on the task force on an initial set of recommendations on how to ensure the transition to net zero is just for seafarers.

SESSION: The Maritime Just Transition: What to look out for as we stride for a more sustainable industry

  • Sturla Henriksen – Special Advisor, Ocean, United Nations Global Compact
  • Gerardo Borromeo – CEO | Vice President | Vice Chair, PTC Group | Filipino Shipowners Association | ICS
  • Helio Vicente – Senior Manager (Policy and Employment Affairs), International Chamber of Shipping

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